Altium Designer 20.2.8 Build 258 + Library (Sandy) 2020-01

Download Altium Designer 20

Altium Designer

Altium Designer is PCB and electronics design automation software for printed circuit boards. It is developed by Australian software company Altium Limited

Altium is one of the most popular and powerful electronic circuit drawing software in Vietnam. In addition to good support for circuit drawing, Altium also supports well in circuit management, extracting component statistics files.

Altium Designer provides an application that combines all the technology and functionality required for complete electronic product development, such as board and FPGA level system design, embedded software development for FPGAs and Discrete processors, printed circuit board (PCB) layout…

Altium Designer 20 unifies all processes and allows you to manage all aspects of system development in a single, integrated environment.

That capability, combined with modern design data management capabilities, allows Altium Designer users to create more intelligent electronic products, with lower product costs and shorter development times.

Download Altium Designer 20

Download Altium Designer 20.2.8 Build 258 x64

Password extract file: 2020

install Altium Designer 20

See readme

1. Install Altium Designer

2. Copy shfolder.dll to the folder where the executable is located: X2.EXE
usually here: C: \ Program Files \ Altium \ AD19 \

3. Launch the application and use the included “correct” licenses.
Naturally, you can generate / edit your licenses,
using attached as templates.

If you already have your own “favorite” licenses,
Fix them using a generator:
1. Load a license (Load …).
You can simply drag the license file into the generator window.

2. Save the license (Export As …)

In case you need to remove the medicine:
1. Close the application (AD).
2. Delete the crac’k: shfolder.dll