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PCB stackup, signal integrity and controlled impedance

Si8000m PCB Controlled Impedance Field Solver – for single and multiple dielectric PCBs

The Si8000m is a boundary element method field solver that builds on the familiar easy to use user interface in earlier Polar impedance design systems. The Si8000m adds enhanced modelling to predict the finished impedance of multiple dielectric PCB builds and also takes into account the local variations in dielectric constant on close spaced differential structures. The Si8000m assumes negligible insertion loss in the transmission line; should you wish to model insertion loss the Si9000e adds extensive insertion loss modeling capabilities

The Si8000m links with Speedstack as Speedstack PCB.

Si9000e fast accurate PCB transmission line modeling.

With its fast, accurate, frequency-dependent transmission line modeling, the Si9000e is designed to model transmission line loss, impedance at given frequencies and extract full transmission line parameters over a wide range of popular PCB transmission lines (over 100 structures). Employing boundary element method field solving, the Si9000e extracts RLGC matrices and rapidly plots a range of transmission line information for the structure you are designing. Loss is graphed three ways with clear indication of dielectric, copper and total loss and from 2017 includes Hammerstad, Groisse and Huray methods for roughness modeling:

  • Links with Speedstack as Speedstack Si
  • Si Crosstalk option – Multi line and differential pair (lossless) crosstalk – models coupling between traces
  • Si Projects option with Speedstack saves structure groups
  • Roughness modeling – Smooth / Hammerstad / Groisse / Cannonball-Huray
  • Inbuilt impedance graphing
  • Graphs conductor, dielectric and insertion loss
  • At-a-glance comprehensive S-parameter charting – magnitude, phase and Smith charts
  • Single-ended and Mixed-mode S-parameters charting and data tables
  • User defined S-parameter source and termination impedance
  • Frequency dependent modeling down to 1KHz
  • Go / no go via stub check

Si9000e graphs all losses – conductor, dielectric and insertion loss. The Si9000e caters for both single and multiple dielectric builds, and comes with the ability to take into account solder mask performance. Mask coverage can be set adjacent, between and above traces. Many Polar customers request frequency-dependent impedance modelling, with particular reference to transmission line losses – the result is the Si9000e. The Si9000e is built on the same proven boundary element field solving platform as the PCB fabrication industry standard Si8000m. Increasing numbers of engineers are using the Si8000m as a rapid and accurate design tool for transmission line impedance – the Si9000e extends the output to extract full transmission line parameters.

Download Polar Instruments Si8000 10.01 + Si9000 11.04 x86

Download Polar Instruments Si8000 v10.01 + Si9000 v11.04 x86

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