AutoSPRINK Platinum 2019 v15.1.25

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Software development company, developing CAD applications as both stand-alone applications based on our own proprietary CAD engine as well as add-on

Design, Calculate, Coordinate, and Stocklist all in one software, in one 3d model

Design with 3D, Intelligent Objects

Ditch the flat lines, symbols, and attributes. Design sprinkler systems in 3D space with proper elevation and slope. Draw your systems exactly the way they’ll be installed in the field.

Run Calculations in Seconds

Run Calculations right from the model – no other software needed. Simply draw a Remote Area boundary around the heads you want to flow, and run the calc. It’s that quick an easy.

The Golden Rule: Make it Fit

Nothing erodes profit like pipe that doesn’t fit. AutoSPRINK’s 3D design environment lets you manage coordination right in your fire sprinkler drawing and keep your installers hanging pipe, not cutting it.

Stocklist Systems in Minutes, not Hours

AutoSPRINK systems are modeled in 3D with intelligent pipes, fittings, hangers, etc. So listing is easy, accurate, and takes minutes, not hours.

Download AutoSPRINK Platinum 2019

Download AutoSPRINK Platinum 2019 v15.1.25

password extract file: 2020

install AutoSPRINK Platinum 2019

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