Download Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) 2022.02

Download Molecular Operating Environment 2022

Molecular Operating Environment

Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) is a drug discovery software platform that integrates visualization, modeling and simulations, as well as methodology development, in one package. MOE scientific applications are used by biologists, medicinal chemists and computational chemists in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research.

MOE runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, and macOS. Main application areas in MOE include structure-based design, fragment-based design, pharmacophore discovery, medicinal chemistry applications, biologics applications, protein and antibody modeling, molecular modeling and simulations, cheminformatics & QSAR.

The Scientific Vector Language (SVL) is the built-in command, scripting and application development language of MOE.

Features of MOE

  • Supports and expands pKa models
  • Can be used for chemists and related disciplines
  • Added powerful search feature and search
  • Accurate and citationable with many features
  • Docking covalent and density of connected electrons
  • Developed by a powerful group in science and technology
  • Provide different chemical models
  • Multimeter support in the new version
  • Use step by step

Download Molecular Operating Environment 2022

Download Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) 2022.02

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