Download Solidplant 3D 2020 R2.0 Full

Download Solidplant 3D 2020 R2.0

Solidplant 3D

SolidPlant is a sophisticated plant design solution for SOLIDWORKS. SolidPlant 3D contains a very large set of manufacturer catalogs of pipe components, pumps, valves, gaskets, etc. driven by a Structured Query Language (SQL) Server database that allows specifications to be picked/created.

What’s New SolidPlant 3D 2020

New User Interface

In this release, SolidPlant introduces a revamped user interface. To optimize user-friendliness and recognizability, we have styled our user interface in such a way that it is now fully in line with that of SolidWorks. SolidWorks users will feel even more familiar with SolidPlant, as the interface is now so similar to the platform they know best.

Jacketed Piping

SolidPlant gives the user the possibility to use jacketed pipes. Jacketed piping is commonly used to convey very viscous process fluids in an inner pipe, heated by steam/hot water/hot oil or other heating medium between the jacket and core pipe. With this feature, users will have more freedom to design piping systems for the most diverse kinds of projects.

Bar Nesting

In this year’s version, SolidPlant includes a useful tool for bar nesting. The pipe cut list can be imported into the nesting tool, which will optimize the cut of the stocks into the desired lengths. This procedure will minimize the waste of materials and thus reduce costs.

3D Real Isometric

Beside the industry standard isometric drawings by Isogen that is already included in the software, SolidPlant additionally offers the possibility to generate 3D isometric drawings. More realistic looking drawings with SolidPlant 3D.

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New Enhancements in SolidPlant 3D

  • Project Management
    – The input of dimensions in SolidPlant’s structural and equipment templates has been restyled to be
    in uniform with SolidWorks
    – BOM enhancements:
    group by length of pipe
    show all components
  • Piping
    – Tapport: SolidPlant further increases the variety of pipe components by adding tap ports into the list.
  • PDM Lite
    SolidPlant gives the user more flexibility with PDM Lite as a stand-alone application, without the need of SolidWorks PDM. PDM Lite offers new features to increase overall user friendliness. It is now possible to store the ‘Vault’ either inside or outside the database, allowing for more flexibility when choosing a project’s location.

Download Solidplant 3D 2020 R2.0 Full

Download Solidplant 3D 2020 R2.0 Full

Price is 118 euro

Download Solidplant 3D 2019 R2.1 Full

Price is 100 euro

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