Wappler Pro 5 Beta 1

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Wappler Pro 5 free download

Wappler Pro

Wappler gives you control over HTML, CSS and JavaScript but fully visually, thanks to its powerful design tools. Add different HTML elements on your pages and adjust their position, typography, backgrounds, gradients and more. Easily control your page layout and elements’ properties for different devices. Because we’re focused on professionals and web developers, our visual tools are the most robust in the industry.

With Wappler Pro you can build dynamic websites and mobile apps. Everything is possible – powerful custom CMS for blogs, e-commerce, admin panels and more.

Wappler 4.0 comes with a set of 20 gorgeous modern UI Themes to choose from. Select the one that suits your taste the most – a dark or a light one. The selected theme also applies to the code editor, so working in code view will also feel as pleasant as using the design tools in Wappler UI!
The modern look and feel of the new Wappler UI is enhanced by the glass effect used for the menus and modal dialogs.

Features of Wappler Pro

All of Wappler Basic features plus:

Mobile Apps Support

  • Framework 7 Visual App Designer
  • Cordova App Builder
  • Auto packaging in XCode and Android Studio for deploy

Front-End components

  • HTML5 Video Player
  • Lazy Loading
  • API Connector
  • Session, Cookies, Local Storage Management
  • Task Automation
  • Online Content Editing
  • Drag & Drop File Upload
  • Dynamic Charts

Server Side components

  • Database Connectivity
  • Support for MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgresSQL and others
  • API Connectivity
  • OAuth2 Support
  • User Login and Security Management
  • Data Import & Export
  • Send Mail
  • Routing & URL Rewrite

Download Wappler Pro 5

Download Wappler Pro 5 Beta 1 x64

Download Wappler Pro 4.9.0 x64

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install Wappler Pro

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt