BUB-AGEMA Thermodynamic Design Tool 2021 v2.14

Download Thermodynamic Design Tool 2021

TDT Thermodynamic Design Tool

The TDT-software (Thermodynamic Design Tool) is an easy to use and efficient tool for analysing, designing and dimensioning of thermodynamic processes. It comprises process media based on NIST Refprop (there are more than 100 fluids and numerous mixtures available; such as air, water/steam, CO2, hydrogen, common alkanes and refrigerants or mixtures composed of them), whose change in state is calculated taking into account real gas effects. The thermodynamic process sequences can be visualized and scaled by common diagrams (e.g. h-s, T-s, p-T) and calculated values are precisely listed in tables.

Thermodynamic Design and Simulation of Energy Cycles

  • Simulate and design thermodynamic energy processes
  • Combine, split and interact between different processes (TDT-Pro)
  • Create graphs and heat exchange interface plots
  • Real gas and fluid data base*
  • Enables gas and fluid mixtures
  • Export of medium properties tables for external use
    (e.g. in other software like CFD, Excel, etc.)
  • Export of process charts and simulation graphs
  • Available as TDT-Basic, TDT-Pro and TDT-Table edition

Download Thermodynamic Design Tool 2021

Download BUB-AGEMA Thermodynamic Design Tool 2021 v2.14

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How to install Thermodynamic Design Tool 2021

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt