StairDesigner 7.12a Pro-PP

Download StairDesigner 7.12a Pro-PP


StairDesigner stair design software

Professional 3D staircase design software. Design and build all stairs, no matter how complex!

Simple intuitive design

Parts and materials based workflow that’s easy to learn.

Our stair program enables you to quickly input stair dimensions and then automatically calculate the stairs to standard building regulations.

Ability to create any shaped stairs. Quick set up of all common shapes, multi-flights and helicoidal stairs. Plans for U-shaped, L-shaped, curved and spiral staircases easily generated.


Instant calculation of all stair parts: strings, steps, risers, newel posts, spindles and hand rails.

Apply assembly preferences to new projects in seconds using StairDesigner’s manufacturing methods and libraries.

Print plans, parts and cutting lists in a workshop folder. Print full size part templates as workshop mark ups for cutting and machining. Export post processor files for CAD/CAM programs and CNC routers.

Manage the complexities of real life

Fit into unusual stairwells and create cut outs around columns, pipes etc. StairDesigner fits the plans to the available space and shape of your project

Easy and safe optimisation

StairDesigner uses special algorithms to calculate and optimise stringers, step shapes and positions, and all other parts.

Follow StairDesigner’s lead or adjust in a few clicks for safety, aesthetics and ease of manufacture.

  • Automatically calculate step height, going (tread width) and treadline. Verify the 3 parameters H, G and treadline against adjustable min and max control values
  • Quick wizard function optimises the number of steps, risers and flight lengths
  • Simple to edit your project with the Stair Rule dynamically updated in real time until it meets safety requirements
  • Calculate the best shape and position of strings, winders, handrails, etc.
    Automatic and optimised dividing of balusters for closed and cut strings

Download StairDesigner 7 Pro-PP

Download StairDesigner 7.12a Pro-PP

password extract file: 2020

install StairDesigner 7.12a Pro-PP

see the readme file

1- replace folder lang .

2- copy loader.exe to program folder & always use loader.exe to run your application .