SolidCAMCAD 2020 SP5 HF1 Standalone/ for solidworks 2012-2021

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Download SolidCAMCAD 2020

SolidCAM 2020

SolidCAM is the leading Integrated CAM software which runs directly inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, with seamless integration and full tool path associativity.

With the single-window integration, all machining operations can be defined and verified without leaving the parametric CAD assembly environment you’re used to.

SolidCAM is the only CAM with the unmatched, patented iMachining solution, and also supports all Milling and Turning functionality, with powerful support for advanced Mill-Turn machines, including Swiss-Type

What’s New in SolidCAM 2020?

SolidCAM 2020 brings new functionality in all SolidCAM Modules:

  • New Toggle Switch Icons in ‘Drag & Drop’
  • Cleaner Operation Templates Interface
  • 2.5D Drag to Surface
  • 2.5D Pocket Operation ‘Floor Finish Only’ or ‘Wall and Floor Finish Only’
  • Open Edge Negative Offset
  • 3D Positioning in iMachining 2D
  • iMachining 3D – User-defined Arc Fitting Tolerance & User-defined Max Cutting Angle Step-up
  • New Turbo HSR and 3-Axis Undercut Milling Operations
  • Turbo HSM – More Accurate Sharp Corner Motion
  • New 3-Axis Undercut Milling Operation
  • New Calculation Progress Bar in HSS & Sim. 5-Axis
  • Screw Machining: Optimized Toolpath Calculation – at Least 10 times Faster
  • Screw Machining: Automatic Ramping & Lead-In & Lead-Out Definition for Finishing Operations
  • SolidCAM Simulation: Performance Mode & Machining Time Mode

and much more:

SolidCAM – The Gold-Certified CAM-Engine for SolidWorks

Major benefits of using SolidCAM in SOLIDWORKS

  • Gold-Certified: SolidCAM is a SOLIDWORKS Gold partner for well over a decade
  • SolidCAM grows as you grow: SolidCAM is scalable with packages for all CNC machine types and applications
  • SolidCAM gives you the most for your money: The integrated CAD/CAM-Solution SOLIDWORKS + SolidCAM is available at a competitive bundle-price

You never have to leave the SOLIDWORKS’ window!

  • Works right inside your existing CAD: Seamless integration in SOLIDWORKS
  • Full Associativity: Design changes initiate automatic tool path updates
  • Eliminates import/export challenges: Saves large amount of time and frustration
  • Gets you up to speed fastest: Extremely short learning curve because you’re already familiar with SolidCAM’s interface since it runs right inside SOLIDWORKS
  • Get the full picture: SolidCAM works in the CAD assembly mode to graphically show Fixtures, Tooling & Vices in simulations

Download SolidCAMCAD 2020 Standalone/ for solidworks + Document

Download SolidCAMCAD 2020 SP5 HF1 Standalone/ for solidworks 2012-2021 + Document

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