SDL Passolo 2022 Collaboration Edition v22.0.116.0

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Download SDL Passolo 2022 Collaboration

what is new in SDL Passolo 2022

With the latest version of Passolo, you can future-proof your business with support for Microsoft .NET 5.0, collaborate more easily with cloud platform integration, and enjoy many enhanced usability features.

Passolo 2022 has been updated to support Microsoft .NET 6.0 alongside the previous .NET 4.8 platform. This means you can move to the new .NET framework and adapt your localization processes at your own pace. Whether you do so immediately or plan to continue working on an older .NET version

Passolo 2022 introduces the option to group source files into flexible virtual folders. These can be created, deleted and renamed as required, and are available at project and bundle level. 

To improve productivity, Passolo’s automation capabilities have been expanded. The new virtual folder creation feature can be automated in your workflows, Trados GroupShare project files can now be converted to and from SDLXLIFF automatically, and Passolo projects can automatically be published to the cloud.

Download SDL Passolo 2022 Collaboration

Download SDL Passolo 2022 Collaboration Edition v22.0.116.0

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How to install SDL Passolo 2022

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt