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StormCAD is a comprehensive modeling software for the design and analysis of storm sewer systems. With StormCAD, you can calculate catchment runoffs, inlet capacities, and gutters and pipe network flows. StormCAD maintains a single set of modeling files for true interoperability across platforms. Out of the box, you can employ this product as a stand-alone application or work directly from within MicroStation, OpenRoads, OpenSite, or OpenRoads Designer. The stand-alone interface offers easy-to-use model layout tools, multiple background support including Bing aerial imagery, conversion utilities from CAD, GIS, and databases.

OpenFlows StormCAD offers a complete approach to storm sewer design and analysis, from rainfall to outlet:

  • Effortless storm sewer design: Automatically design gravity piping and structures. Enter your design constraints for OpenFlows StormCAD to automatically determine cost-effective pipe sizes and invert elevations while minimizing pipe cover to avoid unnecessary pipe trench excavation.
  • Streamlined model building and management: Leverage and import virtually any external data format to jump-start the model. Then, manipulate the model data effectively, with the ability to use a multitude of data entry and model editing capabilities that simplify and shorten the modeling process
  • Improved design productivity: With OpenFlows StormCAD’s ability to run from within MicroStation or AutoCAD, model in a platform that you may be more familiar with and take advantage of CAD environments and capabilities (e.g., superior layout, drafting capabilities). Or choose to model storm sewers in OpenFlows StormCAD’s stand-alone interface.

OpenFlows StormCAD is a subset of OpenFlows CivilStorm and OpenFlows SewerGEMS.

Download OpenFlows StormCAD CONNECT Edition Update 3.4

Download Bentley OpenFlows StormCAD CONNECT Edition Update 3.4

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