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Oasys MassMotion

Oasys MassMotion is the world’s most advanced human movement simulation tool. Understanding the impact of human movement on spaces, MassMotion reduces risk in the design process and allows users to test operational scenarios without costly real-world trials. With advanced BIM import tools, a flexible user interface, and powerful analysis and visualization capabilities, MassMotion allows rapid testing and analysis of a wide variety of spaces. Communicate the effect of design changes to authorities and stakeholders and refine designs from a human perspective.

Created to solve a clear need, Oasys MassMotion is a solution which empowers users to test the impact of crowd flow on their design and operations. Existing crowd simulation solutions were too slow, difficult to communicate to stakeholders, and did not fit neatly within design workflows. MassMotion fits within BIM workflows and has an increasing focus on automation and customization so you can focus on the value of your space and not the modelling process.  

Oasys MassMotion is for building designers and operators who want to ensure their spaces perform efficiently and safely. It has wide use across fire egress, transport and aviation planning, and architecture firms across a large variety of spaces. If you design or operate buildings where crowd impacts need to be managed (infrastructure, retail buildings, event and entertainment spaces, campus planning, public realm, and more), MassMotion can help.

Oasys MassMotion helps take risk out of design and operational changes by testing these changes rapidly in an accurate virtual environment. It helps communicate the value of design changes from a human perspective, focusing on benefits to clarity of movement, removal of bottlenecks, and clear egress time. This can help reduce cost in the planning and construction stages of your project, and mitigate risk. It can also be used in performance-based design for more creative and efficient designs.

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Download Oasys MassMotion

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