Download NextLimit Maxwell v5.2.0.45

Download NextLimit Maxwell v5

Maxwell Render

Maxwell is a ground-truth photorealistic renderer for top-notch CGI. Now faster thanks to Cloud Rendering and a GPU version, plus numerous 3D integrations

Maxwell is all about quality. Period. This has been our sacred mantra for most than 15 years of development. Our secret sauce is a physically-correct unbiased spectral engine, which produces not only beautiful images but also lighting-accurate simulations. In fact, Maxwell is considered the ground-truth in rendering and CGI production. We strive to inspire others, and you inspire us.

Maxwell Render is a graphic software for designing 3D images. Usually, the problem with creating special effects and 3D animations is that the frames designed in that part of the movie or animation are time consuming and costly. Professional and powerful software NextLimit Maxwell Render is a kind of powerful rendering in this field. It helps the user in dynamic simulation and using the factors involved in the scene.

Maxwell 5 is seamlessly integrated in most of the major 3D/CAD software solutions such as Rhino, SketchUp, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Revit, ArchiCAD, Cinema 4D and formZ. As an alternative, the standalone Maxwell Studio offers an independent production/rendering environment to create, edit and render Maxwell scenes. Render nodes and network tools for advanced deployments are included. Maxwell is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux

in Maxwell 5. A fully rewritten multi-GPU core now delivers final results in minutes and accurate previews in seconds, keeping physical accuracy intact. With multiple GPUs working in parallel you’ll get an unprecedented Maxwell experience. With Maxwell 5, time is now in your hands.

NextLimit Maxwell Render Features

– Using ThinSSS, Fresnel simulation, anisotropy technologies in materialization
– Maxwell Fire’s very interesting feature that rendering works interactivately and very quickly – Supports
multiple lighting in interactivate rendering
– Advanced illumination system
– Compression by technology Mxi / MXS
– providing plug-ins for various software such as cinema 4d, Formz, rhino, Sketchup, Solidwork, lightwave, maya, xsi, Aftereffect
– ability Puse when rendering and start from anywhere
– capable of multiple lighting
– ability to speed rendering High (much higher than similar software such as Vray)
– HDR / MXI Environmental System
– Physical Correction
– Physical SystemAdvanced Sky
– Ability to continue rendering from anywhere

Download Maxwell Render v5

Download Maxwell 5 Studio

Download Maxwell 5 Studio v5.2.0 for Archicad

Download Maxwell 5 Studio v5.2.0 for Cinema 4D

Download Maxwell 5 Studio v5.2.0 for SketchUp

Download Maxwell 5 Studio v5.2.0.5 for FormZ

Download Maxwell 5 Studio v5.2.0.45 for 3ds Max

Download NextLimit Maxwell 5 v5.1.0 for Maya 2016-2020

Download Maxwell 5 Studio v5.2.6.0 for Rhino

install Maxwell Render Studio v5.2

Installation guide: Read the Readme.txt file
NOTE: turn off antivirus software when Extracting file & installing