Download Topaz Video AI 4.1.0 windows/ 4.1.2 macOS

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Download Topaz Video AI 4

what is new in Topaz Video AI 4

Topaz Video AI focuses solely on completing a few video enhancement tasks really well: deinterlacingupscaling, and motion interpolation. We’ve taken five years to craft AI models robust enough for natural results on real-world footage.

Topaz Video AI will also take full advantage of your modern workstation, as we partner directly with hardware manufacturers to optimize processing times. (Many of them already use Topaz Video AI to benchmark AI inference.) Own the software and use it for as many projects as you like, right in your existing workflow.

Topaz Video AI gives you unlimited access to the world’s leading production-grade neural networks for video upscaling, de-interlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization – all optimized for your local workstation.

Topaz Video AI v3.0 include new functionality, such as video stabilization, improved enhancement capabilities, and a better user experience. Using this new code base allows us to provide some of your most requested features, such as:

  • Stacking AI models
  • Running tasks in parallel with filter support
  • Command-line interface
  • Important performance and stability improvements

Download Topaz Video AI 4

Download Topaz Video AI 4.1.0 x64

Download Topaz Video AI 4.1.2 for mac

Download Topaz Video AI 3.5.2 for mac

Download Models [10.09.2023]

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How to install Topaz Video AI

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt