Bentley MAXSURF Connect Edition V23.05.00.139 + Multiframe

Download Bentley MAXSURF Connect Edition V23 update 5


Create initial hull designs and assess stability of existing vessels more quickly with integrated naval architecture capabilities in MAXSURF. Streamline hull optimization with easy-to-use tools for:

  • Hull design
  • Stability and strength analysis
  • Resistance and motions prediction
  • Initial structural design and structural strength analysis

Use MAXSURF’s integrated naval architecture tools for fast, accurate initial design and analysis of all types of marine vessels.


Wind Turbine Test Site
Using Bentley software, Ecofys estimated a potential USD 4.3 million cost savings for wind power, based on a 90-megawatt, offshore farm over a 20-year lifecycle.

OpenWindPower Application to Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation and Substructure Design
Guodian United Power Technology used OpenWindPower for efficient offshore wind turbine foundation and substructure design at wind farm in China.

Bhagwan Dryden
Using MAXSURF for 3D design and analysis, Incat Crowther designed a unique vessel purpose-built for the offshore industry and completed the project in a third of the estimated time.

Virginia Offshore Wind Technology Advancement Project
Keystone Engineering coupled Bentley’s SACS with DNV GL’s Bladed software to reduce offshore wind turbine analysis time by 50%.

Download Bentley Maxsurf CONNECT Edition V23 update 5

Download Bentley Maxsurf CONNECT Edition V23 update 5 V23.05.00.139

Download Bentley MAXSURF Multiframe Advanced Connect Edition V23.05.00.139

Download Bentley Maxsurf Enterprise Suite V8i SS3

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