IDEA StatiCa 21.0 + Old versions

IDEA StatiCa 21.0 free download

What is new in IDEA StatiCa 21.0

What is new in Steel? 

Updated CBFEM solver 

  • 30% faster calculation times 
  • More accurate modeling of hollow sections connection  
  • A new set of verifications and guidelines to interpret results between versions 

Connection design improvements 

  • Top of steel modeling options; the relative position of members 
  • Fatigue analysis – nominal stress 
  • AISC code-compliance update, new seismic connection templates 
  • Extended anchorage formulas 
  • And much more! 

Bulk selection with Viewer 

  • The Viewer can now export multiple connections from CAD/BIM applications in one go 

Steel member design without limits  

  • New application Member is going LIVE – it designs general steel members including connections (the application Connection is embedded in it) 
  • Structural engineer no longer has to estimate the effects of the boundary conditions and can analyze and check members of any topology and loading  
  • Ability to analyze imperfections, large deformations (2nd order), non-linearities, torsion and warping

What is new in Concrete?

Design enhancements in RCS and Detail

  • Fire resistance of slender columns
  • Extension of stiffness calculation
  • Improvement of interaction check
  • Updated crack width check
  • CSFM analysis speed improvements

New workflows with IDEA StatiCa Member

  • The New application Member is going LIVE. It designs concrete members with complex cross-sections and has the application RCS embedded in it.
  • All ULS and SLS checks for critical beams and frames of varying topologies, including capacity, shear, torsion, interaction, stress limitation, and crack width

Download IDEA StatiCa


IDEA StatiCa 21.0 + Old versions

password extract file: 2020

install IDEA StatiCa 21.0

see the readme file

  • Install app
  • You have to start 14-day trial period first:
    Get username & password from the developer on your email and start trial period (once start program with them and exit)
  • Copy cracked file to install dir
  • Now you may register the app on ANY username.
  • Run \License.exe, press button Sign out
  • Restart \License.exe and input ANY username & password


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