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Fitec Schemaplic

Schemaplic – Design and simulation software for electrical diagrams

Schemaplic 7.6. has been supplemented by new functionalities but above all a new library of modular components for electrical panels, allowing the creation of three-phase installations.

85 new three-phase components!

This is the great novelty of this new version, the new components made available in the library, will allow you to draw electrical diagrams of tertiary installations or small industry requiring three-phase electrical energy to supply its equipment.

You can use many accessories such as the arrivals and departures of ducts with 3, 4 or 5 conductors in order to switch from one folio to another.

Thanks to the various modular devices, create realistic and simulated panels and installations with carefully designed components:

  • Contactor, Differential switches, Switches / Disconnectors, Surge arresters: three and four-pole
  • Subscriber box: addition of a three-phase meter, a conduit with conductors to switch from one sheet to another, branch circuit breaker, station, subscriber panel;
  • Boxes: provision of boxes with 3 times 24 modules and 4 times 24 modules;
  • Public lighting: duct inlet, cable branch, lamppost;
  • Control panel: possibility to switch from one sheet to another, NO and NC pushbuttons, emergency stop, panel front face, single-phase (in several colors) and three-phase indicators;
  • Receivers: list of three-phase receivers in small and large models such as cold room, air conditioning, reel, oven, heat pump, gate, sockets, cable outlets, VMC;
  • Sources: addition of three-phase sources with 3 phase wires or 4 strings

Ergonomic developments:

To this new library, there are also ergonomic updates:

  • Management of the different zoom levels on each view,
  • The possibility of putting the folios in full screen by hiding the ribbon of icons and the menus, by the interface or keyboard shortcuts (F11 / Esc);

The evolutions of the three-phase switchboard and switchboard libraries:

  • Multilayer graphic management of components to manage the transparency of each layer, and the superposition of the different constituents of a component to make it more realistic,
  • Automatic addition of shutters in empty spaces of electrical panels in simulation mode,
  • Optimization of the SVG data processing module in order to improve the fluidity of the display of the “Table” and “Three-phase table” components;
  • The modification of the display of the conductors when connecting a voltmeter from the “Table” library => test probes.

And other little surprises like:

  • The addition of the photovoltaic solar panel with integrated inverter, in the standard electrical library.

Download Fitec Schemaplic 7.6

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Download Fitec Schemaplic v7.6

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