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Visual-Environment is an open architecture CAE platform that continuously expands its capability to enable smart Virtual Prototyping.  It provides one single environment that encompasses the complete workflow for realistic simulation-based design. It covers all of the activities of a CAE engineer, starting from interfacing to CAD formats, CAD cleanup, meshing, assembling the model, model setup and post-processing, using a single core extendable compute model. It further provides integrated simulation tools to automate tasks through scripts, macros and CAE processes across multiple CAE domains.

Release Highlights:

  • A new Distortion wizard dedicated to ‘Manufacturability Assessment’ is designed and integrated into Visual-AM.
  • Visual-Body Stamping is a new module specially targeting the automotive industry and allowing the setup, simulation and analysis of line dies stamping process. It is accessible via the ‘Application Manager’ under the group ‘Automotive Solution / Body’.
  • Visual-Stamp is yet another new module targeting all Sheet Metal Forming (SMF) processes simulation. It is accessible via the ‘Application Manager’ under the group ‘Trades / Sheet Metal Forming/Stamp’.
  • Visual-Cast comes with industry specific workflow adoption and improvements like HPDC Machine selection, Optimization and Castability (RECIFE).
  • Visual-CEM, with this release, supports Strong Coupling formalism operating in the Time Domain.  
  • The main focus in Visual-CFD is on the support of Radiation, Passive scalar and discrete phase modelling, apart from being compatible with OpenFOAM v1812 and OpenFOAM 5.0.
  •  Visual-Crash DYNA has improved support for file export and seatbelt routing.
  • Visual-Crash PAM enables isolation of Modules from an assembled compute model for easy manipulation. Numbering rules can be attached to include files or Modules.
  • Visual-Machining provides new updates to better predict machined surface quality issues apart from new features control the workpiece tolerance by considering the clamping conditions used for the part fixture.
  • Visual-Mesh continues to improve its CAD Import capabilities by improving import performance of very large models. It is also now compatible with the latest version of CATIA V5 (6R2018) for Linux versions.
  •  The ‘Design Of Experiments’ option in Visual-RTM is improved and enhanced with new functionalities.
  • Visual-SYSTUS now supports a Computation Follow-up that allows checking and following the evolution of criteria during computation.
  •  Improved support for TPA Reports, Overlay, MAC and Surface Plot form the focus of Visual-Viewer apart from other specific updates.
  • Customary updates are also made in the modules such as Visual-Weld, Visual-Assembly and others, some of which are minor releases.
  • Visual-SDK Batch is a Python interface to APIs that facilitates access to Visual-Environment’s Data Model. The interface allows you to import the APIs as a Python module in Python scripts and run these scripts directly from a Python Console without launching Visual-Environment. This package is a stand-alone package, made available for easy installation and handling..

Download ESI Visual-Environment 18

Download ESI Visual-Environment 18.0

Download ESI Visual-Environment 15.0

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