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Manufacture High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Stamped Parts the First Time with Simulation Software

ESI PAM-STAMP gives you the ability to address sheet metal formability challenges from the design of parts and tooling to part production with a single tool. Validate the forming of individual panels and even help validate the assembly of closure panels, such as doors. Develop and validate key manufacturing and joining processes, virtually, to assure production capability of parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies for all sheet metal parts, simple to complex, conventional steel to advanced lightweight sheet metals.

Benefits of PAM-STAMP

  • Get accurate, high-quality results
  • Apply advanced material models
  • Predict splits, wrinkles and surface defects
  • Produce springback predictions for cutting-edge materials (AHSS, UHSS, aluminum alloys)
  • Compensate for springback in closure assemblies, like doors & hoods taking into account the effects of the fabrication and joining of the panels
  • Compute large models in a short time frame with scaling (up to 128 cores on HPC)

Download ESI PAM-STAMP 2022

Download ESI PAM-STAMP 2022.0

Download ESI PAM-STAMP 2021.0.1

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