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Schlumberger INTERSECT

The INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator is the answer to many of your reservoir challenges. By combining physics and performance in a fit-for-purpose reservoir simulator for your reservoir models, the INTERSECT simulator enables modeling at the scale you need with the physics you need—fast.

Reservoir engineers are provided with results that can be trusted to provide insight into understanding the progression of hydrocarbon in the reservoir at a resolution that is otherwise too costly to simulate. The outcome is improved accuracy and efficiency in field development planning and reservoir management, even for the most complex fields. From black oil waterflood models, to thermal SAGD injection schemes, to efficient handling of unstructured grids, the INTERSECT simulator delivers a new approach to reservoir simulation for meeting your reservoir management challenges.

The INTERSECT simulator reveals new insights through the efficient simulation of high-resolution models while employing robust physics to support better field development decisions. Detailed reservoir characterization, together with well and network coupling, can be honored with only minimal or no upscaling. 

Key benefits using INTERSECT

  • High-resolution modeling for complex geological structures
  • Completion configurations for complex wells.
  • Detailed chemical-enhanced-oil-recovery (EOR) formulations
  • Application of steam injection and other thermal EOR methods.
  • Advanced production controls in terms of reservoir coupling and flexible field management
  • Flexibility to script customized solutions for better modeling and field management control.

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Schlumberger INTERSECT 2021.3

Download Schlumberger INTERSECT 2021.3

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