RhinoGold Pro 6.6.18323.1

RhinoGold 6.6 free download


RhinoGold is an easy-to use yet powerful jewellery design software containing complete set of basic tools for jewellery design and manufacturing. It includes a mind-blowing library of 1500+ pieces of jewellery ready to print! Each of these pieces may be printed as is or modified or combined with other pieces.

RhinoGold 6.6 also includes Rhino 6,, which is required to run it. Its new, proprietory Fleximetric Technology allows for easy editing objects, while the advanced RhinoGold Render Studio creates professional renderings with very little effort.

Download RhinoGold 6.6

Download RhinoGold 6.6

Download RhinoGold 5

(RhinoGold v6.6 has no _ringbytext; it was removed by TDM, BUT RhinoGold v6.5 has it)

Download clayoo 2.6

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Installation instructions: see file readme.txt

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