Redshift 3.0.16 for 3ds Max / MAYA / Cinema 4D / Houdini

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Download Redshift3D Render 3.0.16

Redshift Render

Redshift is a new rendering software in the 3D graphics design community, creating powerful effects using super-fast GPU rendering and supporting a wide variety of materials.

Redshift 3D supports rendering for software such as autodesk MAYA, Autodesk 3d Max, Cinema 4D, Hounidi, ..

Features of Redshift

  • A fully GPU-accelerated renderer that has been developed on the high demands of high end production rendering.
  • Supports creative individuals and studios of almost every size.
  • Allows you to have various different ways of calculating the final rendered imagesand it lets the artists to speed up the workflow.
  • Got Interactivate Preview Regions and they name it RenderView.
  • The users can easily see a rendered scene in real rime as Redshift takes the advantage of GPUs for rendering.
  • A great supporter of production pipelines and workflows and right from the start it has allowed for render farm support.

Download Redshift3D Render 3

Download Redshift3D Render 3.0.16 for 3ds Max / MAYA / Cinema 4D / Houdini

Download Redshift3D 2.6.41 for 3ds Max / MAYA / Cinema 4D / Houdini

install Redshift3D

view the readme file