Download TRC Consultants PHDWin v3.1

TRC Consultants PHDWin v3.1

PHDWin v3

The most sophisticated economics and reserves analysis system in the world.

PHDwin V3 has been highly anticipated in the oil and gas world for good reason. No other software platform delivers unparalleled calculation speeds, limitless database size, practical engineering tools, and sophisticated economic calculations all packaged inside a highly customizable user interface. With PHDwin V3 you’ll achieve better reserves through better economics. 

PHDwin V3 gives all the power to the user. Our highly customizable user interface allows you, your team, and/or your manager to create and share views that will bring efficiency to your workflow. As always, any changes you make trigger real-time recalculations and updated display on the screen. 

features and improvements provided by PHDwin V3 including:

  • Customizable User Interface designed to maximize your workflow efficiency
  • Improved mass-editing features: copy/paste from Excel, Global Editor, and Grid Editor
  • Qualified Economics and Scenarios for managing your data and performing sensitivity runs and lookbacks
  • Upgraded graphics engine allow you to plot revenues, expenses, taxes
  • Microsoft SQL Database Platform

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Download TRC Consultants PHDWin v3

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Download PHDWin v3.1 / v2.10.6

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