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Oasys Frew

Oasys Frew is a tool developed to enable engineers to analyse the behaviour and inform the design of flexible retaining wall-like structures, and is a core component of our Geotechnical Suite Pro and Geotechnical Suite bundles. 

Flexible retaining structures are typical features in projects where temporary works are necessary, such as cofferdam design, and Oasys Frew enables engineers to analyse the behaviour of such. As a key precursor element to build new structures such as bridges or steep embankments adjacent to site boundaries or sensitive assets, either forming cuttings or via bottom-up construction Frew assists engineers make informed design decisions about flexible retaining wall structures. 

Oasys Frew is available as part of new Oasys Bundles

Download Oasys Frew 20.0

Download Oasys Frew

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