Download Seequent Leapfrog Geo v5.1.4

Download Seequent Leapfrog Geo 5

Seequent Leapfrog Geo

Rapidly integrate, communicate, and interpret geological data with industry-leading 3D modelling.

Leapfrog geological modelling is made by geologists, for geologists. Intuitive workflows, rapid data processing, and visualisation tools bring teams together – and enable the discussions that drive decisions.

Analysing data is quick and intuitive with Leapfrog Geo’s features, such as exploratory data analysis, distance function, structural modelling, vein modelling, and indicator interpolation tools.

Leapfrog geological modelling provides:

An intuitive interface

Leapfrog Geo offers tools crafted for the geologist and logical workflows that save time and frustration, as well as shorten training times.

Users can learn the fundamentals in just a few days and quickly become proficient, allowing faster modelling and making more time for scientific analysis.

Domain modelling

Build complex geological models rapidly from drillhole data, structural data, points, polylines, and meshes in the project.

  • Add rules or user choices to groupings or sub-settings of data
  • Define a surface chronology to determine the cutting relationships
  • Model surfaces, volumes, veins, and stratigraphic sequences
  • Model complex vein systems that fold, curve, and bifurcate from one another
  • Apply structural data to influence and guide the overall geometry of surfaces
  • Define faults and the relationships between them within the fault system.

Numeric modelling

Easily build isosurfaces from drillholes and point data. See visual trends in the data and continuity in surfaces. Advance understanding with rapid first pass visualisation of patterns in numeric data.

  • Quickly construct and visualise isosurfaces of numeric data for rapid insight
  • Incorporate complex anisotropies
  • Create indicator models to guide further work
  • Build multi-domained interpolants
  • Export interpolant volumes, isosurfaces, and composites
  • Create geologically realistic grade domains through incorporating structural data.

Add on resource estimation extension Leapfrog Edge  to carry out robust resource estimates.

Download Bentley Seequent Leapfrog Geo v5

Download Seequent Leapfrog Geo 5.1.4

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