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Meteonorm Version 8

Eight years after launching version 7, Meteotest publishes Meteonorm Version 8. This upgrade includes mainly new and more current climate periods, better access to ongoing timeseries and updates of the software. The user interface of the desktop software hasn’t been changed much. With the publishing of version 8 Meteotest stops the support of version 6 (2006).

Updated historic, current and future data

  •  New data periods (2000-2019 / 1996-2015)
  •  Updated current data / timeseries for Americas and Asia
  •  Updated future data (IPCC scenarios)

Meteonorm Features

Global coverage

Data from more than 8 000 weather stations worldwide and five geostationary satellites.

Data period

The standard periods are 1996–2015 for irradiation data and 2000–2019 for all other parameters.

Time intervals

Meteonorm generates monthly, daily, hourly and minute values.

Historical time series

Historical hourly values of irradiation, temperature, humidity, wind and precipitation from 2010 to present, constantly updated.

Data formats

36 output formats: CSV, TMY2, TMY3, EPW, PVSol, PVSyst, Polysun, SAM and many more.


Interpolation models calculate typical years for any location worldwide.

Aerosol climatology

Globally calibrated gridded dataset by Chris Gueymard. Time period 2000-2015, spatial resolution 0.5°.


The Meteonorm core is also available as Dynamic Link Library or Web Service for digital applications.

Current monthly values

Current monthly values can be accessed online directly from the software.


Transparent information on data sources and uncertainty provided for each data set. Validation papers available on the website.

Urban Climate

Urban heat islands can be simulated. Specific urban climatologies for Bern and Vienna.

Climate change

Meteonorm includes three IPCC scenarios and allows projections to the year 2100.


Global 90x90m terrain model. Digitising tool for user-defined horizon lines.

Extreme years

P10 and P90 values available for simulating extreme years.

Data import

Third party data can be imported.


More that 30 different meteorological parameters available.

Download Meteonorm 8

Download Meteonorm 8.2.0

install Meteonorm 8.0.3


install, don’t open it

copy file to install dir C:\Program Files (x86)\Meteotest\Meteonorm 8

copy license file to C:\ProgramData\Meteotest\meteonorm