Download Materialise Magics 27 x64

Download Materialise Magics 27

Materialise Magics

The most powerful data and build preparation software

Without the right software, making a 3D design file printable takes a lot of time and effort. Magics simplifies data and build preparation with one easy-to-use solution that includes both CAD and mesh tools. Whether you want precise control over your workflow or quick, optimized enhancements at the click of a button, Magics guides you to success.

Features of Magics and its modules

  • Import data types and formats – Import nearly all file formats, retain native color information, and stay in control of your original data.
  • Repair, edit, and enhance – Ensure parts are printable and high quality with capabilities such as automatic fixing, offsets, and lattice structures.
  • Transfer designs to your machine – Carry out steps like slicing and orientation with precision, and clearly communicate the information to your machine.
  • Generate reports – Keep track of builds and ensure repeatability with automatic reports that require minimal human effort.
  • Simplify nesting – Nest parts using Magics for advanced speed and control within your workflow.
  • Automate support generation – Optimize the creation of support structures and reduce time spent doing so.
  • Analyze builds – Avoid costly build failures using analysis features that detect potential issues.

Download Materialise Magics 27

Download Materialise Magics 27

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How to install Materialise Magics

Installation guide: Read the Readme.txt file