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DesignBuilder provides you with advanced modeling tools in an easy-to-use interface, enabling the entire design team to use the same software to easily develop and efficiently design buildings.

DesignBuilder packaging for engineers includes an integrated set of high productivity to help design a sustainable building. Leading services Engineers and energy modelers around the world use Design Builder to gain insight and impact their design strategies on building environmental performance.

DesignBuilder features

  • Generate a wide range of outputs and reports to help you compare the performance of design alternatives.
  • Optimise the building at any design stage based on the client’s objectives.
  • Model even complex buildings with the minimum of time and effort.
  • Import existing BIM and CAD design data to give you a head start with data entry.
  • Generate impressive rendered images and movies.
  • Simplify EnergyPlus thermal simulation.

DesignBuilder Software Packages

A completely modular solution, DesignBuilder comprises a core 3-D modeller and 11 modules which work together to provide in-depth analysis for any building.  Every module fully integrates with its counterparts, so you can pick individual modules or choose one of our packages.

Our software packages contain the most common module combinations for each class of user as shown below. Modules can also be purchased separately and a site network license with any combination of modules is also available

What’s New in DesignBuilder

DesignBuilder v6 adds a substantial set of new features and improvements compared with v5 including tools for bulk data editing and a view showing placement of construction and glazing systems across the model. Other highlights include CHP and Ice thermal storage components, Uncertainty and Sensitivity analysis reports and a new set of extensibility tools opening DesignBuilder up for plugins and scripts to access the DesignBuilder model.

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System Requirements

DesignBuilder is a professional graphics application and requires a reasonably high standard of computer hardware for successful use. This page contains information on the recommended specification. The main areas you should pay attention to if you are buying or upgrading your computer system to run DesignBuilder are:

  • Graphics adapter  – a good 100% OpenGL compatible graphics adapter is required to run DesignBuilder. The mid-range and better NVIDIA cards are the most reliable. Some graphics adapters integrated with the motherboard we have tested are unable to run DesignBuilder.
  • Memory  – DesignBuilder will use all the memory you can provide – at least 4GB is recommended and 8-16GB for serious modeling and simulations.
  • CPU speed  – get as fast as you can afford. i7 or Xeon are ideal.
  • Cores  – having multiple processors does not necessarily speed up simulations in DesignBuilder but it does allow you to continue using your computer while simulations are running. Quad (or more) core processors also make the software more responsive in use. If you plan to run optimizations and would prefer to avoid online services then a 16-32 (or more) core server will allow multiple simulations to be run in parallel and allow optimizations to complete much more quickly than on a standard quad core desktop or laptop .


  • Windows 10 (Install-able in Win 7/8 / 8.1)
  • i5, i7 or Xeon processor with 4 or more cores.
  • 8-16 GB (or more) RAM.
  • At least 200 GB free disk space. SSD speed up software operation and are more robust especially for laptops.
  • Pointing device such as a mouse or laptop trackpad. Most users prefer using a mouse to trackpads.
  • 100% NVIDIA graphics adapter with hardware acceleration running in 32-bit color mode.
  • 17 ″ or more, 1280 × 1024 pixels or larger screen for efficiency during the modeling process and for displaying high-quality visualization images and walk-throughs of DesignBuilder models and CFD results. Large screens (eg 27.) Are ideal for use with DesignBuilder.

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