Download Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL 2021.07.29

Download Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL 2021


Buhodra Ingenieria is a Spanish engineering consulting firm that provides a wide range of engineering services, including civil, structural, hydraulic, environmental, and transportation engineering. They specialize in the development and use of advanced software tools for engineering design and analysis.

ISTRAM ISPOL is one such software tool developed by Buhodra Ingenieria. It is a comprehensive software package for the design, analysis, and management of civil engineering projects, particularly in the areas of transportation and infrastructure. The software includes modules for roadway design, urban planning, surveying, and geotechnical analysis, among others.

ISTRAM ISPOL is a powerful tool that can significantly streamline the design and analysis process for civil engineering projects. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a popular choice for engineers and designers in Spain and other countries. Buhodra Ingenieria provides training and support services for users of the software to help them maximize its potential.

Download Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL 2021

Download Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL 2021

How to install ISTRAM ISPOL 2021

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt