Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 v24.1.0.299

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what is new in Corel VideoStudio 2021

NEW Instant Project Templates

Save yourself time and energy by re-creating popular video styles in minutes with new Instant Project Templates. Simply select a template, drag and drop your video, and you’re ready for export! Reproduce popular viral clips or easily edit social media posts with new templates and add theme intros, turn portrait video into landscape, replicate marketing promo templates, and so much more. Unlock your creativity – combine ready-to-use templates and effects with your own unique customizations to achieve incredible results!

NEW AR Stickers

Add instant fun and extra personality to your next project with new AR Stickers that enhance emotion and introduce playful moments to your movies. These face tracking stickers recognize and map facial features to make it easy to import and apply silly character ears, show-stopping eyes, larger than life sunglasses, or over the top hats to any project. Adding AR Stickers is the perfect way to emphasize reactions and add flavor to gaming videos, reaction videos, and tutorials.

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Download Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021

Download Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021

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