Cadence Design Systems Sigrity 2019 v19.00.004 x64

Cadence Design Systems Sigrity 2019

What’s New in Sigrity 2019

Sigrity 2019 Release Accelerates PCB Design Cycles by Integrating 3D Design and 3D Analysis

Interconnect Modeling Technology

Upgraded interconnect modeling technology addresses latest trends on PCB and IC package design.With signal speeds climbing to 32Gbps and faster, the need to strategically model PCBs and connectors as one structure is now required. The new Cadence® Sigrity™ 3D Workbench, included with the Clarity 3D Solver, allows users to import mechanical structures, such as cables and connectors, and merge them with the PCB. This way  critical 3D structures that cross from the board to the connector can be modeled and optimized as one structure. Updates to the PCB can be automatically back-annotated to the PCB layout tool.

The 3D Workbench offers:

  • SI and PI applications
  • A familiar 3D look and feel
  • Ability to import mechanical structures
  • Ability to import electrical databases and merge with mechanical structures
  • 3D solid modeling (parametric and full featured)
  • Simulation of:
    • Twisted pair wiring (cables)
    • Backplane plus connectors
    • Connector modeling (HDMI, SATA, etc.)
    • SMA connector on a PCB
Rigid-Flex Support

Industry-first full Rigid-Flex PCB extraction from a single layout database provides accurate interconnect modeling of both rigid and meshed-ground flex cable zones. The zone information is automatically imported from version 17.2 of Cadence Allegro® technology.

Faster IC Package Modeling

IC package modeling of designs with thousands of bumps/balls is now 3X faster and memory consumption has been reduced by 75 percent.

Power Integrity Updates

Upgraded power integrity (PI) technology addresses new checking requirements and new usability requirements for PCB front-to-back design flows. Many enhancements have been added, including hierarchical views, quick search, and filtering, comparison tree report, and tool tips.

  • Allegro PowerTree technology

The DC analysis technology has been upgraded to support integration with Allegro technology, HTML block-diagram enhancements, and automated add-nodes-on-pads enhancements.

The AC analysis technology has added some additional checks that now look at the weighted AC current and checks for equal voltage. New batch-mode “projects” allow these two new workflows as well as others to be setup as a set of batch checks.

Signal Integrity Updates

Upgraded signal integrity (SI) technology accelerates the time it takes to verify memory interfaces, serial links, and the plethora of other signals on a PCB that can cause a design to fail in the lab. The technology now features workflows and visions that can be used to quickly perform electrical rule checks that find impedance variations and excessive coupling. These checks require no models and can be run by both expert and non-experts in signal integrity.

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Cadence Design Systems Sigrity 2019 v19.00.004 x64


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