Ayoa Ultimate 3.53.0 (imindmap)

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Ayoa – imindmap

NOW, the imidmap software has changed its name to Ayoa

As a desktop tool, iMindMap was a great success that allowed users to capture incredible ideas. But as an innovative company, we wanted to take iMindMap to the next level by moving it from desktop to the web where it became “Ayoa”. Using new technologies, we introduced collaborative working and were able to grow and evolve into an all-in-one whiteboard app used by teams and individuals everywhere.

Ayoa is a cloud-based work management tool that combines mind mapping with task management features. We’ve taken the best views from iMindMap and paired these with practical and action-based features that allow you to not only generate great ideas, but turn them into reality.

Ayoa is available to download on desktop, web and mobile. Click here to view and download all of Ayoa’s apps.

As a subscription-based tool, Ayoa has a number of pricing plans available depending on the number of people in your team and how often you’d like to pay. We also offer a free, basic version of Ayoa.

Download Ayoa Ultimate 3.53.0

Download Ayoa Ultimate 3.53.0

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