ZwSoft CADbro 2023 v8.0.22.0722 x64

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ZwSoft CADbro 2023 free download

what is new in ZwSoft CADbro 2023

As a 3D CAD viewer that helps with your collaboration, CADbro brings you the lightweight and enjoyable experience to view, annotate, analyze and collaborate on 3D models in the 3D space.

CADbro 2023 — Published: Aug. 2023

Optimized Translator

        – Support newer versions of file formats.

        – Add “Specify part or assembly” into Step File Import to meet different needs.

Optimized Datums

        – Automatically create datum plane, datum axis, datum CSYS to increase efficiency.

Optimized Analysis

        – Add a thickness analysis method Ball Rolling to increase the efficiency and accuracy of wall thickness analysis.

        – Add part interference check to reduce errors and rework.

        – Support “Maximum Distance Measure” to meet different needs.

Optimized Exploded View

        – Add “Record moving turn point”, “Select subassembly part” and “Add trails” to create the desired explosion effect.

        – Add “Auto Explode” to improve efficiency.

        – Add “Add Auto Exploded Trail” to improve efficiency.

Optimized Usability

        – Customizable Mouse Gesture improves operation efficiency.

Optimized File Dialogue Box

        – Support Search, Quick Filter and Shortcut Folder to find whatever you need in less time.

Optimized Display

        – Add “Line width” to the Section command for various display effects

        – Support more colors (from 18 standard colors to 240 index colors) for various display effects

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Download ZwSoft CADbro 2023 v8.0.22.0722 x64

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