Download VRay 6.20.02 for Cinema 4D

Download VRay 6 for Cinema 4D

VRay 6 for Cinema 4D

VRay for Cinema 4D puts industry-standard technology for photorealistic 3D rendering into the hands of Cinema 4D artists and designers. With smart tools and powerful rendering capabilities, Chaos V-Ray’s combination of speed and creative control is perfect for any project.

Bring ideas to life – With V-Ray’s complete set of lighting, shading, Emmy and Academy Award-winning rendering tools, you can bring any idea to life.

Built to handle it all – Built to handle your biggest projects, including scenes with massive amounts of geometry and thousands of lights.

Get the job done with ease – Artist-friendly tools and an intuitive interface help you work smarter, making it easy to get the job done.

Render fast – V-Ray’s GPU and CPU rendering capabilities bring a speed boost to any production. With fast interactive rendering, you’ll see the changes to your scene rendered on the fly.

Ready to scale – Harness the power of multiple computers to render high-resolution images with V-Ray’s distributed rendering. Or take your rendering to the cloud with direct access to Chaos® Cloud.

Go beyond rendering – V-Ray is more than a renderer. Its powerful tools allow you create worlds and post-process renders without separate applications interrupting your creative process.

Bring your boldest ideas to life with V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D.  Easily add stickers, labels, and other details to any surface with V-Ray Decal. Create detailed geometric surfaces at no extra memory cost with Enmesh, or craft the perfect sky for your environment with procedural clouds. Control the size of a dome light with the new finite mode. Render particles such as bubbles, sparks, fireflies, and more. Use ACEScg for industry-standard color workflows.

And more.

Download VRay 6 for Cinema 4D

Download VRay 6.20.02 for Cinema 4D 2023 & 2024

Download VRay 6.20.02 for Cinema 4D R21 – S26

How to install VRay 6 for Cinema 4D

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt