Synopsys HSPICE / Saber P-2019.06

Download Synopsys HSPICE / Saber P-2019

Synopsys HSPICE / Saber

Synopsys HSPICE circuit simulator is the industry’s “gold standard” for accurate circuit simulation and offers foundry-certified MOS device models with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms. With over 25 years of successful design tape outs, HSPICE is the industry’s most trusted and comprehensive circuit simulator.

  • For on-chip simulation: Analog designs, RF design, custom digital design, standard cell design and characterization, memory design and characterization, and device model development.
  • For off-chip signal integrity simulation: Silicon-to-package-to-board-to-backplane analysis and simulation
  • Simulation environment

HSPICE is a key part of the Synopsys analog/mixed-signal (AMS) verification suite, a solution built to address the most critical issues in AMS verification.

Saber is a proven platform for designing, modeling and simulating physical systems, enabling full-system virtual prototyping for applications in analog/power electronics, electronic power generation/conversion/distribution, and system/wiring/harness design and mechatronics.

Download Synopsys HSPICE P-2019.06 / Synopsys Saber P-2019.06


Download Synopsys HSPICE P-2019 / Synopsys Saber P-2019

password extract file: 2020

Install Synopsys HSPICE P-2019.06 / Synopsys Saber P-2019.06

see the readme file


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