Download SpeedTree Modeler 9.5.2 Cinema edition

Download SpeedTree Cinema 9.5.2

SpeedTree Cinema

SpeedTree Cinema is a specialized software used for creating 3D vegetation models for films, television, and video games. It is a more advanced version of SpeedTree Modeler, with additional features and capabilities designed for professional use.

SpeedTree Cinema includes a range of features and tools for creating realistic and detailed trees, plants, and foliage. It offers advanced control over tree and plant growth, allowing users to create custom growth patterns and simulate natural processes like wind and gravity. The software also includes a range of options for creating textures, materials, and shaders that can be customized to match specific environments and lighting conditions.

Other key features of SpeedTree Cinema include a node-based interface for creating and modifying models, support for importing and exporting models in various file formats, and the ability to preview and refine models in real-time. The software also includes integration with popular game engines and rendering software, allowing users to easily incorporate their models into their projects.

Overall, SpeedTree Cinema is a powerful tool for creating high-quality vegetation models for use in films, television, and video games. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a popular choice among professional artists and designers in the entertainment industry.

Download SpeedTree Cinema 9.5.2

Download SpeedTree Modeler 9.5.2 Cinema edition

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