Download Schrodinger Suites 2024-2 windows / linux

Download Schrodinger Suite 2024

What is new in Schrodinger Suite 2023

The Schrodinger suite of software has a large number of applications for a variety modeling, analysis and computational tasks. In general the program is run on your local computer and there are installers for OS X, Linux and Windows.

Schrödinger’s industry-leading computational platform facilitates the research efforts of biopharmaceutical and industrial companies, academic institutions, and government laboratories worldwide. Schrödinger also has wholly-owned and collaborative drug discovery programs in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Download Schrodinger Suite 2024

Download Schrodinger Suite 2024-2 windows

Download Schrodinger Suite 2023-3 windows / linux

Download Schrodinger Suite 2022-4 windows / linux

How to install Schrodinger Suite

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt