Download Scan2CAD 10.4.20 x64

Download Scan2CAD 10


Scan2CAD – Raster to Vector Software, Convert Images to CAD, converts your designs for CAD & CNC

Automatically convert your designs to a fully editable vector CAD format. Compatible with all popular CAD/CAM applications. 

Scan2CAD recognises objects converting them to vector elements. Arcs become vector arcs, dash-lines become vector dash-lines. Over 20 vector types supported

Scan2CAD’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically converts text in your designs to editable vector text.

Scan2CAD offers a selection of powerful raster effects to clean your designs in a few clicks.

With Scan2CAD’s suite of raster and vector drawing and editing tools you have full control of your designs. Each tool is designed to enable editing with pin-point accuracy.

Download Scan2CAD 10

Download Scan2CAD 10 x64

install Scan2CAD

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt