Download RapidMiner Studio Developer 9.10.8

Download RapidMiner Studio Developer 9

What’s New in RapidMiner Studio 9

The following sections describe what’s new in RapidMiner Studio 9.10.0:


  • Added Function Fitting operator that can optimize parameters in a function of the attributes to fit the label. It can be used to create an optimal function to fit the data points in your data.
  • Bias Awareness: if the use of a specific column is more likely to add unwanted bias to your models, it is highlighted as such. This happens in various places such as in the Statistics view of data, the model simulator, in Turbo Prep, in Auto Model, during model training, in model annotations among others.


  • The De-Normalization operator has a new parameter to also de-normalize predictions.
    • Based on attribute name: prediction(abc) tries to use de-normalization of abc if no explicit de-normalization available
    • The label (or other special attributes) can be included in normalization already in the normalize operator. The changes allow for multiple prediction attributes to be affected
  • Added date format parameter to Write CSV in case format date attributes is selected
  • Improved performance of Append operator
  • Handled yet another case of JDBC drivers ignoring the JDBC standard gracefully (here: Infor Data Lake DatabaseMetaData#getTypeInfo())
  • Introduced operator signatures to improve the startup of Studio
    • Signatures contain meta information that is used in operator registration, global search setup and documentation browser display
    • Signatures are persisted between starts for an improved startup time
    • Signature persistence can be configured or cleared with the setting System -> Local File Cache -> Keep Operator Signatures
  • Time Series: Enabled the usage of constant values for the replace types in the Equalize Numerical Indices and Equalize Time Stamps operators
    • The operators can now be used to fill gaps in non-equal data sets with constant values
  • Time Series: All Time Series operators (except for Multi Horizon Forecast, Multi Horizon Performance) now working with Belt IOTable (as in- and output)


  • In rare instances, operator parameters did not get saved correctly if a default value was set for it. This e.g. affected date parameters used in extensions.
  • Generate Attributes max and min functions do now always return missing value if any of the values is missing.
  • Fixed missing operator help for Azure Blob Storage and Data Lake Storage operators

Download RapidMiner Studio Developer 9

Download RapidMiner Studio Developer 9.10.8

install RapidMiner Studio 9.10.8

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt