RAM Elements V8i SS4

RAM Elements V8i SS4 free download

RAM Elements – 3D Structural Analysis and Design Software

RAM Elements is a unique combination of a 3D finite element analysis/design program with structural engineering toolkit modules for every day engineering design needs.

  • Design of hot-rolled and cold-formed steel, wood, masonry, and concrete can be done, all within a single model in one interface.
  • RAM Elements provides structural engineers with a toolkit set of modules for the analysis and design of structural elements, including: concrete beams, continuous beams, reinforced concrete columns, wood structures, trusses, spread or combined footings, retaining walls, tilt-up walls, concrete walls, and masonry walls.
  • RAM Connection is also integrated grated with RAM Elements with an appropriate license. Steel connections can be designed without leaving the RAM Elements interface.
  • Full 3D finite element analysis capabilities are also in RAM Elements.  

What is new in RAM Elements CONNECT Edition V16.1

Resolved Issues:

  • Wind pressure for areas and members dialogs were not working properly for all units systems. This has been corrected.
  • Incorrect depth for HSS16x4x3/16 in section database – United States group – HSS Rect table. This is fixed now.
  • Steel member design per AISC 360-16 was reporting different results than AISC 360-10 for interactions per H1.1 and H1.3. This has been corrected and both codes report the same results.
  • Tilt-Up Design module was not calculating deflections correctly when Ma > 2/3 Mcr. Deflections are being reported correctly for all cases now.
  • Tilt-Up Design module using Simplified Method was not calculating properly the wall self weight. This is fixed now.

Download RAM Elements V8i SS4

Download RAM Elements V8i SS4

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install RAM Elements

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