Download Siemens Questa Advanced Simulator 2024.1

Download Siemens Questa Advanced Simulator 2024.1

Questa Advanced Simulator

The Questa advanced simulator is the core simulation and debug engine of the Questa verification solution; the comprehensive advanced verification platform capable of reducing the risk of validating complex FPGA and SoC designs

The Questa advanced simulator achieves industry-leading performance and capacity through very aggressive, global compile and simulation optimization algorithms for SystemVerilog and VHDL.

Using its advanced algorithms, the Questa advanced simulator can help you improve SystemVerilog and mixed VHDL/SystemVerilog RTL simulation performance by up to 10X.

The Questa advanced simulator supports all design languages and constructs, and either automatically or manually partitions the design to run in parallel while maintaining a single database for debug and coverage.

The Questa advanced simulator supports the most comprehensive solutions for testbench automation in the industry, enabling automatic creation of complex, input-stimuli using SystemVerilog or SystemC Verification (SCV) library constructs, and combining these forms of stimulus generation with functional coverage to identify the functionality exercised by the automatically-generated stimulus.

Download Questa Advanced Simulator 2024

Download Siemens Questa Advanced Simulator 2024.1

Install Questa Advanced Simulator

Installation guide: Read the Readme.txt file
NOTE: turn off antivirus software when Extracting file & installing