CSI SAP2000 ultimate v21.2.0 Build 1565

Download CSI SAP2000 ultimate v21.2.0


Sap2000 is the famous structural calculation software of  CSI (Computers and Structures Inc). SAP2000 software can calculate many types of structures such as houses, water retaining walls, tanks, roof water tanks…

Features of CSI SAP2000

  • A very useful application which can be used for analyzing dynamic and static structures.
  • Equipped with a very intuitive and sophisticated user interface which has got an analysis engine and design tools for the engineers.
  • Equipped with the most powerful as well as built-in templates which will allow you to generate complex models.
  • Got various advanced analytical techniques which will let you have step by step deformation analysis.
  • Auto seismic loading as well as response spectrum function have been added.
  • Got the dynamic collapse analysis lets an object to be removed during nonlinear direct integration time history analysis.

Download CSI SAP2000 v21

Download CSI SAP2000 v21.2.0 Build 1565 64bit

Password: 2020

install SAP2000 v21

see the readme file

– Install app HIGHLY RECOMMENDED not to create ‘native image’ while installing!!! 

– Run sap2000_v21_kg.exe as admin (pass: ********)

– A license file (lservrc) will be generated.

– Copy both generated above license and applied emulator (SentinelRMSCore.dll) to the folders: <installdir> and <installdir>\CSi\Licensing\

NOTE: prevent program’s access to the internet otherwise program will not even start. (block by firewall or app) Download Folder Firewall Blocker


All, who used “Perform native image generation …” while installing, has also to replace:

C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64\SentinelRMSCore\bla-bla-bla(depend on product)\SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll

It is the same dll as in the \patch\ folder but renamed from SentinelRMSCore.dll to SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll
Strictly speaking it is not the same dll, but generated by dot net gen utility based on original SentinelRMSCore.dll But for our case it is suitable enough.


do not use Windows Explorer for replacing SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll. No chance to do this with it.

Use Total Commander with turning on option for showing hidden files.

Download Total Commander

NOTE: If the license error is reported due to the expiration of the usage time, then use the runasdate tool below to run the SAP2000 software