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PanoramaStudio 3 Pro free download

what is new in PanoramaStudio 3 Pro

Create single- and multi-row panoramas up to full spherical 360×180 panoramas.
PanoramaStudio Pro is the complete solution for the creation of panoramic images. Besides the easy and established creation of panoramas PanoramaStudio Pro offers also the option to stitch arbitrary arranged images to panoramas. This allows huge panoramas, even beyond the gigapixel limit.

The complete solution for the creation of panoramic images

Feature Overview


  • Simple user interface, large work space with a 2D and 3D preview
  • Automatic alignement of single- and multi-row panoramas of up to full spherical 360×180 degree panoramas
  • Seamless blending into a panoramic image
  • Manual postprocessing of all steps possible
  • Automatic exposure correction
  • Interactivate panoramas can be connected to virtual tours using hotspots
  • Filters for additional image editing


  • Export your panoramas in various image formats, as screensavers and as interactivate 3D panoramas or zoom images for websites
  • Print panoramas in poster size on multiple pages
  • Save panoramas as multi-layered image for professional post-processing
New in PanoramaStudio 3.6 Pro
  • Image detection and alignment in the multi-row mode has been further optimized significantly.
    In previously difficult cases, this often leads to visibly better image alignment results.
  • The configuration dialog for the export of interactivate panoramas has been simplified and is now more clearly arranged.
  • The included new version of the PanoramaStudio Viewer:
    • Has been optimized for current browsers.
    • Provides further improved performance. Among other things, a smoother display is achieved through optimized caching of the image data.
    • Interactivate panoramas now use the entire extended screen when viewed on displays with a notch or round corners.
    • On iOS devices, in landscape mode the full screen can be used.
  • Frequently requested, the user interface now offers an optional dark mode – new on Windows, improved on Mac.
  • The performance of the “Create projection” function has been substantially improved.
  • The blending in the zenith/nadir area for 360×180° panoramas could be improved even further.
  • More than 50 new cameras have been added to the updated RAW import – to a total of more than 1180.
  • Another 60 cameras were added to the camera database, for a total of 2688.
  • In addition, there are numerous other small improvements – such as the option to specify a fixed aspect ratio in the Render step or the exclusion of control points in masked areas …
  • … furthermore minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Download PanoramaStudio 3 Pro

Download PanoramaStudio Pro

password: 2020

install PanoramaStudio 3 Pro

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt