OctaneRender 4.0 RC7 R4 for Cinema 4D

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OctaneRender is the world’s first and fastest unbiased, spectrally correct GPU render engine, delivering quality and speed unrivaled by any production renderer on the market.

OctaneRender is one of the most powerful and fastest GPU rendering engines, which helps you create beautiful images. OctaneRender has a very high ability to render objects and environments made with high detail. Cinema 4D is a very powerful and widely used software in the field of modeling, animation, motion graphics and 3D processing. 

This software has a lot of fans due to its great capabilities and is used in making many animations and movies. 

OctaneRender plugin in Cinema 4D software helps you to render the environment and objects made in the software faster and with higher quality. This powerful plugin has a great impact on the manufacturing process in Cinema 4D software.

What’s New in OctaneRender

  • NVIDIA RTX AccelerationOctane RTX hardware acceleration brings 2-5x render speed increases to NVIDIA raytracing GPUs with multi-GPU support. RTX acceleration speed gains increase in more complex scenes and can be benchmarked using RTX OctaneBench
  • Layered MaterialsThe new layered material system allows you to construct a complex material that consists of a base layer, with a maximum of 8 layers which can be inserted on top of the base layer. New nodes include: layered material, diffuse layer, specular layer, sheen layer, metallic layer, and layer group nodes. With unique layered materials, Octane empowers you to recreate complex materials in a physically-based manner as opposed to manually mixing materials together.
  • Spectral Random Walk SSS and Hair MaterialA new Random Walk medium allows you to create ultra realistic skin and other absorption / scattering materials in Octane. With Random Walk SSS and Octane’s new Spectral Hair Material, you can easily create photorealistic digital characters.The Spectral Hair Material enables different coloring modes for hair, as well as multiple roughness parameters for different scattering behavior along a hair strand.
  • Octane Vectron and Spectron Procedural Geometry and LightingOctane Vectron (Vector-Polygon) provides infinite procedurally generated scenes, volumes, and geometry which bypass meshes and volumes. With Vectron you can create procedurally generated scenes entirely on the GPU without using GPU VRAM and with zero memory footprint. Spectron Procedural Volumetric Lights allow you to create procedurally driven volumetric lighting – like spot lights – with blockers, barn doors, gels and more.
  • OSL and Procedural Vertex DisplacementYou can now render procedural and OSL vertex displacement (either height or vector displacement) before rendering. This is a robust displacement system which doesn’t suffer the same limitations as the old displacement system (which is now known as Texture Displacement). Octane also allows you to mix/layer vector/height displacement maps using the new displacement mixer node.
  • OSL Shaders for Volume TexturesUp until recently you could only use static colors for absorption, scattering and emission in volumes. You can now use any textures for volumes.

Features of OctaneRender

  • Rendering of suspended particles such as clouds, smoke, fog and fire with high detail
  • Deep rendering of pixels
  • OSL support
  • Use Texture Baking live
  • Rendering the final image with GPU 10 to 50 times faster than CPU
  • Display the final image instantly and after each change
  • Flexibility and support for more than 21 plugins
  • Rendering lighting realistically
  • Convert realistic images into cartoons
  • No noise renderin

Download OctaneRender 4.0

Download OctaneRender 4.0 RC7 R4 for Cinema 4D R15 – R20

Download OctaneRender 3.07 Standalone + for Cinema 4D 19

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install OctaneRender

see the readme file