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Safe is a program designed to carry out finite element computations for geotechnical problems. The program enables the user to study the soil stresses and strains and deformations through one or more sequences of events.

The events may include excavation or filling, insertion or removal of nodal restraints, application or removal of line or distributed loads, or changes in material properties. Stress relaxation can be specified for any material. Time dependent consolidation and steady state seepage can be modelled.

A range of material models is available, representing soils and structures, including modified Cam clay and Brick.

The program calculates displacements, total and effective stresses, strains, pore water pressures and residual errors for each Event or specified increment of a Event.

The results can be obtained in tabular format and graphically.
Graphical output options include plotting of vectors and contours of a wide range of derived results and graph plots of parameter variation along a user-defined line.

It is important to realise that Safe is an advanced program which can be used to analyse complex problems.
The user should be fully aware of the various material models and the finite element method of analysis before use.

Features of Oasys Safe

Program Features The main features of Safe are summarised below:

Analysis features:

· Analysis of plane stress, plane strain or axially symmetric problems, by discretization into 8noded elements with 4 or 9 Gauss points.

· General loading of linear elastic axisymmetric structures can be carried out using a Fourier series technique. · Linear or non-linear behaviour.

· Pore pressures and effective stresses are identified separately, allowing computation for drained or undrained conditions, and time dependent consolidation.

· Incremental loading and changes of material properties, permitting the formation of excavations, embankments etc.

· Steady state seepage, with a feature to model flows to a row of wells, and the facility to locate the position of the phreatic surface.

· Problems where wave action generates pore pressures (“storm loading” feature).

Interface features:

· Alternative sequences of events can be modelled in the same data file. © Oasys Ltd. 2014 About Safe 2

· Intermediate results can be stored and inspected before the problem is continued further.

· Extensive graphical input options.

· Built-in mesh generation facility, or import from DXF or other data sources.

· Wide range of graphical output and printing facilities, including contour plots and line graphs of most parameters, bending moment diagrams, plots of principal stresses and percentage strength mobilised.

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