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what is new in Oasys GSA 10.1

With Oasys GSA, you can analyse the structural design of any structure which needs to be iterated through many cycles of geometry definition, internal force analysis and code design. GSA gives engineers a versatile analysis and design software that integrates well within traditional and parametric workflows.  

The key new features are as follows:

  • Continuing with the development of Design-layer led model building
  • Mass, Ground Spring and Ground Damper elements have been replaced by nodal attributes. This means that you do not need 1D elements any more but instead assign the properties directly to the nodes. This should make the functionality clearer for the user
  • The user interface has been updated again: the Data/Output/Views explorer has been replaced. Now you can access all data with a single click
  • In addition to the 2D element reinforcement calculations we now have a 2D member reinforcement option. This produces general reinforcement over the entire slab or wall, then adds rationalised areas of reinforcement at locations of high stress. The output then shows the bar extent and direction
  • Two-way link to Revit 2020

Download Oasys GSA 10.1

Download Oasys GSA

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