Phần mềm KeyShot Pro 8.2.80 full + plugins (windows \ macos)

Phần mềm KeyShot Pro 8 for windows \ macos

KeyShot Pro 8

KeyShot pro là real-time rendering to the core dành cho việc render để tạo các ảnh kết xuất đồ họa và ảnh động một cách nhanh chóng và dễ dàng và cũng là ứng dụng hỗ trợ nhiều định dạng file 3D nhất dành cho cả Mac và windows

Download KeyShot Pro 8.2.80 active free

Features of KeyShot Pro 8

Control on zoom
– Separate columns for design
– Set the background color and select it.
– Ability to adjust the angle, distance and twist of the model.
– Sun & sky system for animation
– Ability to adjust the Ground Plane size
– Support rendering in the background, providing queue, network rendering
– Support for presenting your work on the network
– Extremely high speed performance and graphic environment
– Advanced animation system
– Advances in your software fabrication
– Controlling the quality of the compression ensuring the highest quality images
– The ability to convert two-dimensional models into three-dimensional models professionally
– Restore all information automatically
– Supports various camera animations (Orbit, Incline, Zoom, Translate)
– Support for queue rendering
– NURBS system for tracking performance
– Ability to combine tools and use them
– Possibility to install the plugin.
– Access to item types and item animations (Turntable, Rotation, Translation).
– Unlimited output resolution
– Improved image render speed
– With fantastic tools and features for more and more management
– Auto upload to FTP server
– Ability to tile models of types of objects such as cars, home appliances, clothes and …
– Maintain all sections and layers names
– Full interaction with camera, lighting and materials during animation playback.
– Ability to adjust and select model lighting.
– Ability to color the model.
– Ability to design and edit a variety of 3D models
– Updated templates with the ability to edit patterns, adjust the dispersion and adjust the camera automatically and create patterns
– Maintain all structures of the model

Download KeyShot Pro 8.2.80 active free

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Download KeyShot Pro 8.2.80


File active KeyShot Pro 8.2.80


Download Luxion KeyShot Pro 8.1.58 x64  Portable


Download Luxion KeyShot 8 v1.5 plugin for NX 8.5-18xx

Download    link dự phòng

Download Luxion KeyShot 8 Plugin v1.7 for NX 8.5-1899

Download    link dự phòng

Download Luxion KeyShot Pro 8.1.61 for macOS

Download     link dự phòng

File active KeyShot Pro 8.1.61 for macOS

Download     link dự phòng

password 123 hoặc hoặc

Hướng dẫn cài đặt KeyShot Pro 8

Use KeyGen to generate the License file (keyshot8.lic)

Install Keyshot v8 (do not run keyshot after installation)(64bit)

-> Replace the Original file with the active free

-> C\Program Files\KeyShot6\bin\keyshot.exe

-> C\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\KeyShot8\bin

Run KeyShot

Install the License file, block using firewall.

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