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JPEGmini là một sản phẩm phần mềm Tối ưu hóa hình ảnh được tạo ra vào năm 2011, được cho là nén kích thước tệp của ảnh JPEG bằng khoảng hai đến ba, đôi khi nhiều hơn, với sự suy giảm tối thiểu hoặc không thể nhận thấy về chất lượng hình ảnh

JPEGmini is a small and useful tool for compressing JPEG images. This program reduces the image size without significantly reducing the image quality. The manufacturer claims that using this program will reduce the image size by 80% without compromising its quality.

Unlike its simple appearance, this software has a unique performance and high performance. During compression operations, all CPU cores are used simultaneously and the result will be ready in a very short time.

JPEGmini compresses small images in just a few seconds, and for high-resolution images (up to 60 megapixels), this can be done in a short amount of time.

The program is compatible with output from advanced Canon cameras and panoramic images, and also provides plug-ins for Photoshop and Lightroom software for ease of operation. The job of this plugin is to compress the image when it exits the above software. This is done automatically and there is no need to repeat the storage steps and enter JPEGmini.

In addition to Windows 7 and 8, this program is also compatible with Windows 10. It should be noted that this program also has an online version, which you can use by visiting the site, but we recommend that you use its installation program to maintain more speed so that you no longer need to upload the image.

JPEGmini Tool Features

  • Reduce image size by 80% without compromising image quality
  • High speed compression
  • Simple graphical environment and very easy to operate
  • Supports high resolution photos even up to 60 megapixels
  • Use all CPU cores to increase processing speed
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows from 7 onwards
  • And …

required system 

System Requirements:
– Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (64-bit)
– Adobe Lightroom
– Photosho

Download JPEGmini Pro 3

JPEGmini Pro 3.2 windows / 2.2.3 macOS

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