Autodesk HSMWorks Ultimate 2024.1 + old versions

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Autodesk HSMWorks

Design and generate CAM toolpaths without the hassle of changing software. Reduce cycle time and rework with CAD-embedded 2.5- to 5-axis milling, turning, and mill-turn capabilities. HSMWorks is included with your Fusion 360 subscription.

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HSMWorks features

Integrated CAD/CAM
Work in a familiar interface connected to powerful design tools, thanks to full integration with SOLIDWORKS

2.5 and 3-axis milling
Maximize productivity with a full suite of 2.5 and 3-axis milling strategies

3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis
Shorten the time it takes to set-up machines and tighten feature tolerances with simple-to-use multi-axis programming

Additional features

Machine simulation
Preview the motion of your machine tool with simulation that includes the spindle, fixtures, and machine components.

Turning and mill-turn
Quickly program turning operations from simple 2-axis to mill-turn strategies with a consistent workflow.

AnyCAD connectivity
Unlock access to advanced design tools by associatively connecting your SOLIDWORKS files to Fusion 360.

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Download Autodesk HSMWorks 2024

Download Autodesk HSMWorks Ultimate 2024.1

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Download Autodesk HSMWorks Ultimate 2022.3

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