CSI Italia VIS Concrete Design 12.1.0

Download CSI Italia VIS Concrete Design 12.1.0 full free

CSI Italia VIS Concrete Design

VIS Concrete Design Software was developed by CSI Italia, with the intent of expanding SAP2000, ETABS and CSiBridge design capabilities to meet specific Eurocode requirements. Development of VIS started in 2004 and continues through these days, striving to make the CSI programs ever more suited for use in the European market. Click the ‘Play’ button for an introduction to VIS

What is VIS?

VIS is a software package for the design of reinforced concrete structures based on the Eurocodes as code of reference.

It works in conjunction with the CSI programs: either SAP2000ETABS or CSi Bridge. VIS provides a family of plug-in tools fully integrated with these programs and capable of enhancing their design capabilities to a high degree of refinement.

Download CSI Italia VIS Concrete Design 12.1.0

Download CSI Italia VIS Concrete Design 12.1.0

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install VIS Concrete Design 12

– Install app
– Once run the app to start trial period. Exit.
– Copy all files to the <installdir>
– Run cmd.exe as admin and browse to the folder <installdir>\VIS 12\ (use cd command for it)
– Start the app using emulator with the command: VIS_v12_loader.exe 2000

2000 is the delay in milliseconds before HOOK.
If OK, restart the app decreasing this value to find minimum value of milliseconds.
It is good to use minimum delay value to start HOOK before license checking.
OK means that you have Normal license type in the license manager, not Provisional.
And of course that you don’t have any nag screen.
General rule – the less delay means the faster program’s work.